Kitchen Island Wooden Iron Trolley with 4 Basket Storage

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A Vintage Industrial Kitchen Island, this easily manoeuvrable Trolley will create an eye-catching impact in your Kitchen. The wired Storage Drawers allow for great visibility for items placed within, while maintaining an impeccable appeal. The three levelled Cart allows for Storage all-round, ensuring that your essential Kitchen items and Groceries always have a place. The Storage Drawers are detachable, allowing you to control how your Kitchen Island operates. With ample of Space and easy manoeuvrability, this Kitchen Island Trolley provides all the Storage that you will need in your Kitchen.

Bonus - A FREE cutlery stand is also provided with this Kitchen Island. No cutlery or products shown included!

Please note: Though the wheels provide easy manoeuvring, this item has not been designed for rigorous wheeling around.