What is Modern Furniture?

What is Modern Furniture?

Furniture comes in an array of styles – that is no surprise. Every individual has a preference over the style of Furniture they wish to bring into their Interior space. However, many confuse between certain styles of Furniture – the most common being Modern and Contemporary Furniture – and honestly, it is a very easy mistake.


Bottom line is that both styles are a result of different time periods and influences.


What defines Modern Furniture and how can you spot it easily?

Modern Furniture, sometimes referred as Mid-century Modern, is a specific style movement that began in the early 1900s. It was based on the notions of Minimalist Design, Smooth Surfaces and Clean Lines. The idea of this style came about when workers and craftsman had the desire to move away from excessive ornamentation (basically loud/too many lines and curvatures in Furniture) and towards simple functional Furniture with an artistic appeal.


The main objective of Modern Furniture is to give your Interior Space a lighter visual appearance, so it looks uncluttered and free from chaotic lines. Materials that are often used in Modern Furniture are Stainless Steel or other Metals that provide a shiny and smooth surface. This Stainless Steel Iron Nested Side Table is an example of the use of Stainless Steel in Modern Furniture. Light Woods with clean lines is also commonly found in Modern Furniture.


Contemporary Furniture on the other hand is any Furniture style that is trending currently. It doesn’t have any distinct characteristics or isn’t associated by a style movement as it embraces the designs of current times. This Contemporary Solid Wood Iron Hallway Console Table – Brass Finish could be considered an example of Contemporary Furniture as it is made from Solid Wood and adds a touch of warmth to the space.

Contemporary Solid Wood Iron Hallway Console Table – Brass Finish in Room

Why Lirash for Modern Furniture?

The team at Lirash carefully study various design styles and uniquely integrate it to their Designer Furniture Collection. Like this Wooden Finial Console Table - Brass Finish, that combines Metal and Natural Solid Wood highlighting the simplicity of straight lines and the warmth of the Wood Top.


The Round White Marble Bistro Drinks Trolley in French Brass is a clean design with smooth finishes and tops. It is ideal for Narrow Interior Spaces and lets your collection of Wines and Spirits do all the talking.

Round White Marble Bistro Drinks Trolley in French Brass in Room

If you are after a Bedside Table, this Modern Bedside Table with Storage Drawer and Wood Top in Brass Finish is another example of Modern Furniture that distinctly features straight lines, Solid Wood Top and the use of Metal.


When Shopping Online for Modern Furniture at Lirash, you can be at complete peace knowing that your order will be Delivered to your door anywhere in Australia and you have the flexibility of 30-Day Change of Mind Returns.